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- a local's guide

Roskilde Instagrammed @Mauladk

There are so many places to go, so many experiences awaiting... Where even to start? Lad den lokale kreative kultur-entrepreneur Mads Højberg guide jer gennem Roskildes mere gemte steder! Mads Højberg har i denne uge overtaget @VisitRoskilde instagram profil, hvor han deler hans favoritsteder i byen.

Hi, my name is Mads. I’m really looking forward to show you some of my favorite places around Roskilde! First off is ‘Orange Makerspace’ weareorangemakers - A large workshop where knowledge, machinery and materials are shared. Free and public workshops once a week.

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Next off is @byenshus_roskilde - A community house for everyone! Meetings, concerts, theatre, discussion and much more. Byens hus is also the old town hall where people get married, beautiful statues of the old kings and enjoy the incredible old council chamber #ILoveHistory BTW stop by Byens hus every Wednesday at 16:30 for a a tour and get to know more.

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One of Denmarks oldest #underground venues is Paramount - Paramount is from the late sixties and is still rocking with everything from #metal and #hiphop to oldschool #rocknroll and #punk! I enjoy loud music, cheap beers and upcoming artists - If you feel the same way, make sure visit Paramount!

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Even when the weather is freezing cold, the area around the #harbour and #vikingsshipmuseum is an experience - Take a stroll and enjoy the smell of tar, eat an ice-cream and let yourself be amazed by the cool viking ship.


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When it comes to having something delicious and local to eat, @restaurant_moehr is a must! - It’s #local #nordic and REALLY REALLY delicious!

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The area around #SctJørgensbjergKirke (Church) and #Kirkebakken is where I go to relax - It’s right beside the harbour and the little alley Kirkebakken is a true gem!

The skatepark at #musicon is much more than skating!

When in Roskilde, make sure to stop by @musiconroskilde #Musicon! A new district focusing on culture, new business and creativity.. Stop by #RAGNAROCK @museumragnarock the museum for pop, rock and youth culture - An interactive experience and an amazing building!

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Together with all the #volunteers at #OrangeMakers, #Bistedet and #MakerCorner we went to this local gym that sadly had burned down, but the floor was so what intact - We where able to pick it up, clean it and use it in our new makerspace! #TEAMWORK.

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Mads Bøge Højberg er kreativ eventkoordinator og bl.a. vice-direktør hos We are Orange Makers og co-founder af praktisk.co. Mads arbejder og bor i Roskilde.

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