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There are so many places to go, so many experiences awaiting... Where even to start?

Den lokale fotograf og eventyrer Daniel Overbeck præsenterer jer her for hans favoritsteder i Roskilde. I en uge overtog han @VisitRoskilde instagram, og nedenfor kan du se hans smukke billeder af naturen i Roskilde:

What's up folks!
My name is Daniel, and I'm very honored to have the chance of showing you people my photos from Roskilde this whole week. Looking so much forward to show you my work, and if you feel like seeing more of my work, you shall be more than welcome to say hi on my own account.

Et opslag delt af VisitRoskilde (@visitroskilde) den2. Okt, 2017 kl. 12.02 PDT

Here's many places to watch a good sunset, but Boserup always does it best!

Hey guys! The.newboen here! I wanted to show you this place right next to Hestetorvet, near the station. I've been here so many times and I love it, especially in the fall, when these magical colors appear.

Caught this girl riding her horse in Boserup Forest yesterday evening, in the golden hour.. this place is like a dream, if you are there on the right time of the day.. A good place to enjoy a walk if you are near Roskilde one day! 

Hey folks! It's The.newborn here! Today I went to the harbour to shoot, and I can't wait to show you guys what a beautiful place this is tomorrow! I hope you all had a good day, and I wish you all a good nights sleep.. See you tomorrow!

Hey folks! As promised, I'm gonna show you a couple of shots from the harbour today. This place is very popular and many people go here, especially during summer, to enjoy a good icecream. So if you ever come to Roskilde, you should definetely go and have the experience yourself

One more shot from Roskilde Harbour.. Johnnys bridge.. such a nice place to have your boat, or just walk by if you are near!

I love walking around with my camera in beautiful places, and #roskildehavn is definetely a beautiful place!

Hey folks! The.newborn here again! - Today, I thought I'd tell you a little about myself... I chose this picture because it is very old, from back when I didn’t have a camera, and only went shooting with my IPhone 4S... I've always loved taking photos when I was doing things, but then one day, 2 years ago it became more real, and my partner, girlfriend and fiancé bought me a real camera as a gift! This was so unreal to me, and I can almost say that I have used it every day since... So, because of her I started shooting a lot more, and now I do it almost every day, and I love it! I love Instagram too, great way of showcasing your work, and meet people to inspire and motivate you! .

... And this shot is from Roskilde station by the way!

Et opslag delt af VisitRoskilde (@visitroskilde) den6. Okt, 2017 kl. 12.18 PDT

One thing I love very much, is a moody fog and a warm sunset.. The other evening I experienced both things in Boserupskov in Roskilde! I was so excited, and I'm definetely coming back here more often to shoot! And YES, this is me in the picture...

Hey folks! It's The.newborn here for the last time! My takeover ends today, thank you so much for following along, I appreciate all your love and I hope you like my work so far.. IF YOU DO, please head over to my own account @the.newborn and feel free to show some love, if you want to follow along on my own adventures.. I love you all! And one huge THANK YOU to VisitRoskilde for giving me this opportunity, you guys are the best! Cheers man!


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Daniel Overbeck

Eventyrer- Fotograf - Drømmer

Daniel Overbech er en ung freelance fotograf fra Roskilde. Daniel elsker at opleve verden og det gør han med sit kamera ved sin side! Se mere af Daniels arbejde på IG @the.newborn eller på www.danieloverbeck.com

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There are so many places to go, so many experiences awaiting... Where even to start? Let the local Mads Højberg guide you to his favorite gems in Roskilde...